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IS : 5410 ISI CM/L 1135735

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Aquolac Super Cement Paint is a decorative waterproofing cement coating for interiors and exteriors. It is manufactured with India’s best Birla Super White Cement as its basic ingredient. It is available in fine powder form. It requires only water to be added and mixed well to form a paint consistency and then it is ready for use. It does not rub, flake or peel off when applied as per instructions enclosed in every bag. It provides a hygienic, durable, hard and waterproof surface which resists the penetration of dampness. It is available in 36 eyes – pleasing shades besides Jet black and Super White. It can be applied by brush or by spray to most walls and fiber boards, concrete blocks, concrete bricks, cement / sand renderings, rough or texture or plain asbestos cement sheets. It is most ideal for office buildings, residences, hospitals, schools, colleges, factories, cinema halls, hotels, multi-storied buildings, silos, bridges, water tanks and cellars and every wall based on cement renderings.

Aquolac Super Cement Paint is long established premium quality cement paint in super fine powder form based on world standard Birla White Cement & Chemicals.
Aquolac Super Cement Paint is specially formulated to international standards with best quality light fast pigments, water repellants chemicals and high performance additives to provide perfect setting and greater coverage.
Aquolac Super Cement Paint provides a hygienic, durable hard and water repellent surface which resists damp penetration & unfavorable weather conditions.
Aquolac Super Cement Paint has more cement content and therefore is more durable. This Checks recurring and high maintenance costs. It also contains permissible biocides to resists organic algal & fungal growths.
Aquolac Super Cement Paint can be applied easily by brush or spray on all types of exteriors and interiors of the buildings.

Application : Clean the surface to remove loose dust or dirt, algae fungus or any organic growth by use of stiff wire brush. Now apply the well mixed Aquolac Super Cement Paint with a good quality brush or spray. The first coat should be well brushed into the surface to form a good bond. Apply the second coat after the interval of 10-12 hours, after curing. Note that the surface is wetted thoroughly with the spray of water before application. Generally two coats are recommended for exterior & interior surfaces.
Curing: : Each application should be wetted after at least 10-12 hrs. With fine water spray depending upon climatic condition, curing should be done with clean tap water from downward to upward direction. During hot weather extra curing should be done, curing before application of Aquolac Super Cement Paint should be very thorough & surface is thoroughly wet.
Mixing :
Roll or shake the bag to loosen the contents. Take one volume of water in a clean container and add two volumes of Aquolac Super Cement Paint & stir well with stick or with hand to get a thick soft paste. Add another volume of water to make it a brushable consistency. Do not keep the dry paint exposed to atmosphere and keep the mouth of the bag firmly closed.
Mixing Ratio :
Mixing ratio 1:1 i.e. One Part Aquolac Super Cement Paint & One of Water.
Precautions :
1. Any structural faults which many lead to penetration of moisture must be rectified before painting.
2. New construction must be given sufficient time to dry, it should be free from salt peter.
3. Only soft tap water should be used for preparation of paint and curing of surface.
4. Aquolac Super Cement Paint should not be applied on the surfaces painted with lime, Oil paint or other glossy surfaces. Such surfaces must be cleaned properly. Aquolac Cement Primer should be used before application of Aquolac Super Cement Paint.
5. Dark shades such as Dark Grey, D.A. Grey, Golden Brown, military Green, Nut Brown, and Terracotta should be applied on rough plaster & brick works and are not recommended over large unrelieved areas specially those exposed to rain and winds. They are liable to fleet.
Covering Capacity : Sq.Meters/50 Kg.
1. Suitable brick work : 120 to 200
2. In situ concrete : 120 to 210
3. Cement, Sand, Renderings Cement, Lime Sand Renderings : 115 to 200
4. Wall and Fiber boards : 140 to 230
5. Rough cast and Pebbledash : 60 to 110
6. Concrete Bricks : 90 to 150
Packing : 50 Kg , 25 Kg & 5 Kg Multi-Walled Jute Bags.