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Aquatex Texture Wall Finishes
Decorative & Protective Interior/Exterior Finish

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AQUATEX Texture Finish is a latest development in India for exterior and interior decoration and protection of walls and many types of surfaces. It is available in ready to use form and may be applied by brush/roller or spray to give a thick flexible film of polymer resin which provides a texture finish. AQUATEX possesses good adhesion. It withstands the polluted atmosphere, industrial atmosphere and coastal conditions.

AQUATEX TEXTURED: AQUATEX can be applied by Brush to get the desired texture use the appropriate roller after 10 to 15 minutes of application. For large areas sufficient material should be mixed together to complete an area to a natural break or to an architectural feature. It can be used on panels back drop and even in living to get an exclusive touch.

Aquatex Texture Wall Finishes
COVERAGE : The coverage of AQUATEX Texture by roller is Approx. 1m2/kg.
MIXING : Stir Vigorous before use.
APPLICATION : It may be applied with brush / roller / spray / Trowel.
DRYING TIME : Depending upon the section of ground temperature or humidity normally 2- 3 Hours.
PACKING : AQUATEX TEXTURE is available in 30 Kg. Drum, 20 Kg. Drum.
PRECAUTIONS : Before applying it is important to ensure that there should not be any leakage or dampness on the ground. New construction should be allowed to dry thoroughly before application.