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1 AQUACOAT - 100% Acrylic Exterior Finish 1 OASIS - Oil Bound Distemper 1 AQUATEX MATT - Sand Matt
1 AQUATEX - Wall Texture 1 AQUAPLAST - Plastic Emulsion 1 KAWACH - Exterior Finish
1 RAPID SET 1 Acrylic Coating  


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A durable, water based product that gives a high performance textured finish. A carefully formulated decorative and protective finish after prolonged research by Aquolac paint.

Properties: It contains light fast pigments, a special polymer resin and tough aggregates desired from Silica, providing exceptional resistance to elements. It protects surfaces from rain, sun, dust. Industrial gases and other atmospheric pollution. It not only protects exterior surfaces from weathering but also it moves with changing temperature and bridges hair crack helping to prevent water seepage through walls. Its unique formulation makes. It resistant to fungus algae and mould growth. Aquatex Matt has excellent covering capacity dries quickly and is easly washable.

Recommended for: It can be used on a wide variety of surfaces plaster, brick work, stone, concrete, wood, hardboard etc.

Surface preparation :
The surface to be painted should be clean, dry and free from dirt and grease. Glossy surface should be rubbed down and all loose material removed, to ensure proper adhesion. The surface should be free from efflorescence or fungus growth.
Application : Can be applied by brush, roller or spray for brushing thin 1 Lt. or Paint with 15% - 20% of water. The second coat should be applied after drying of first coat.
Covering Capacity : This will depend upon application and nature of surface. Aquatex Matt covers 5-6 m2 per Lt. per coat
Packing : 20Ltrs., 4Ltrs., 1Ltr.