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Kawach is a water thinnable exterior wall coating, which gives excellent performance in all climate conditions. Kawach not required curing. The shade are light fast and do not fade. The coated film is resistant from algal and fungal growth.

Kawach can be applied on plastered walls, concrete, asbestos sheets, brick work.

The surface to be painted should be free from loose dust, dirt, dampness, chalking, fungus and algae growth . The surface should be done by wire brushing and cleaning with water.
Application :
Stir well the contents of container before use. Apply two coats of Kawach by thinning 1 Litre of paint with 10%- 15% of water. A gap of 4-5 hours should be given between two coats Kawach can be applied by brush or spray.
Covering Capacity : It covers 7-8 sq. m per Litre per coat.
Packing : 1 Ltr. , 4 Ltrs., 20Ltrs.