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Aquolac Liquid Water Proofing Plus
Integral Liquid Water Proofing Compound For Concrete & Plaster

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Aquolac Liquid Water Proofing Plus is specially formulated integral Liquid waterproofing compound of surface active plasticizing agents polymers & additives it is used as an additive for cement plasters it make concrete & cohesive and prevents segregation.

Standrad Compliance/ Specification:

Meets the requirements of IS : 2645-2003

Areas of Application:

Waterproffing of concrete and sand-cement mortars used in,
Basements, Roof, SAlbs and Screeds
Water Tanks and water Retaining, Structures
External Plastering, Bathrooms
Balconies and Drains.

Features & Benefits:

Corrosin Resistant: Makes Concrete more cohesive hence protects better against corrosion.
Compatibility Being Liquid: Easily dispersible & comparable with concrate/Mortar mixes.
Permeability: It reduces the permeability of water into concrete.
Strength: Reduces shrinkage creack development in plaster and concrete.
Work ability: improves work ability of freshiy mixed cement concrete.
Durability: Increase durablity by improving waterproofing of concrete.
Method of Application:Charges Cement and aggregates to concrete mixure as per time as per the mix design min in dry state for 1-2 minitues start addition of 75-80% mixing water and minx for 2-3 minitues.

Aquolac LW Plus is added as per the recomented dosage into the remaining mixing/gauging waret, then add to concrete mixer and min for another 2 minitues.

Place the concrete or applying plaster, as needed.
Cure the applied mortar or concrete as per good construction practies.

Precautions & Limitations:

Do not add Aquolac L W Waterproof Plus directly to dry cement and aggregate mix.
Maintain Water Cement Ration as per Low as possible.
Do not increase the dosage of Aquolac LW Plus then the recommendation.

Technical Information:

Properties Specification Result
Appearance Free flowing liquid
Colour Wine Red °C 105-1070
Non volatile content 13.5-14.5%
PH value IS: 2645-2003 Passess
Chloride Content IS: 2645-2003 Mix. 2.00%
Water perameability IS: 2645-2003 Passess
Compresive Strength N/mm2 As per the standared


200ml per 50kg of cement


1, 5, 20 & 200 Ltrs.

Shelf life & Storate:

Best before 2 years for the date of manufacturing when sealed pack and storage under proper condition.
Storage in a Cool & Dry place.


Health & Safty Precautions:

Use Rubber hand Gloves and safty goggles while using Aquolac LW Plus. In case of Contact with sklin wash with planty of water. Keep out of reach children.
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