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Aquolac Super Power Plasticizer
Polymer Base Plasticizer

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AQUOLAC SUPER POWER PLASTICIZER is a polymer base plasticizer. Used for injection grouting and guniting. It is a water reducing agent and accelerator. Due to its flexible nature and free flow quality when mix with cement it fills all the capillaries in the walls and hence AQUOLAC SUPER POWER PLASTICIZER is the perfect material for grouting and guniting. It is specially used for waterproofing in basement.

Aquolac Damp-Stop
Directions for Use :
  1. For Injection Grouting:
    20 ltr. of AQUOLAC SUPER POWER PLASTICIZER is mixed with 20 kg - 30 kg of cement , and the mixture is pushed into the walls with pressure.
  2. For Guniting:
    10%-15% of AQUOLAC SUPER POWER PLASTICIZER by weight of cement. It is to be used by mixing it in water only.
Storage : Keep it in a cool place away from direct sunlight and high temperature.
Packingh : 20 Ltrs.