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AQUOLAC : AQUOPLAST Super Plastisizer
As Per IS:9103 Specifications

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Aquolac Plastisizer is a sugar reduced Lignosulphonate based water reducing and waterproofing admixture.
Aquolac Plastisizer is a Thixotropic concrete Plasticiser conforming to IS:9103:1999 for concrete waterproofing and as a normal water reducing agent.

a. Reduces the permeability of concrete.
b. Increases the durability of concrete
c. Improves the concrete's workability
d. Leads to saving of cement without reducing the concrete's strength or workability
e. Better surface finish
f. Improves both initial strength and final strength without increasing cement content or affecting workability
g. Produces denser concrete therefore leading to increased strength and better finish of concrete
h. Reduces shrinkage cracks caused due to drying
i. Reduces bleeding and segregation of concrete
j. Makes it easier to place concrete and improves even harsh mix
k. It works as accelrator (As Quick Setting Liquid)

Aquolac Plastisizer is compatible with most types of Indian cement, but it is advisable to conduct trial mixes before use to get the maximum benefit of its properties.

AQUOLAC : AQUOPLAST Super Plastisizer
Uses : Water retaining structures such as Dams, Overhead or underground water tanks etc
For congested reinforcement, thin slender section or areas where improved workability is required
Pump concreting due to its improved lubrication properties
Roof slabs of Residential / Industrial / Commercial buildings
Medium/Low grade concrete to make it more cohesive
Usage Process : Approx. 200ml to 500ml per 50Kg bag of cement. Though it is advisable to conduct laboratory / site trials with particular mix to achieve the best economical quantity. Quantity depends on the type of mix, cement content, cement grade and the level of workability desired.
Technical Data
  Ph Value
  Sp. Gravity
  Air Entrainment
  Setting Time
Brown Coloured Liquid
Non Toxic
7 to 8
1.18 ± 0.02
Slight increase, but well within acceptable limits
Slight increase, but well within acceptable limits
Packing :
It is available in 5 Ltrs., & 20 Ltrs. & 200 Ltrs. Barrel.
Shelf Life : Aquolac Plastisizer has a shelf life of more than one year if stored properly withou opening.
Storage : No special storing facilities are required.