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Aluminum Paint for General Purpose IS: 2339

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Silvie Silver Aluminum Paint is a versatile superior quality metallic exterior protective coating with immense covering power. It gives a lustrous surface having excellent protection against weather and corrosion and has good heat and light reflectance thus preventing heat transfer through the coated surface. It imparts protection in decoration.

It is ideal for protection of all types of steel Structures, Storage tanks, Electrical lamp Posts, Railway bridges, Wagons and also for general maintenance painting. This Aluminum paint also protects the surface from atmospheric conditions.

Application : Brush / Spray
Covering Capacity : 18 to 20 sq. meters per litre.
Drying Time : Surface Dry : 1-2 Hrs
Hard Dry : 8 hrs.
Flash Point : Above 30Deg.C.
Type of Packing : Dual pack (Medium and paste separately packed).
Packing : 20 Ltrs., 4 Ltrs., 1 Ltr. & 500 ml.