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Color's play a vital role in our life. Color is a form of light energy and part of electromagnetic spectrum. Modern scientific studies shows that light is a nutrient and like food, is necessary for optimum health. Therefore, we can also assume that each color has a different nutritive effect on human body. Generally, foods of a certain color tend to have the same vitamins.
Right application of colors has very positive effect in our life and sometimes bring unexpected results for us. We also tend to like some colors and feel uneasy in presence of some other colors. Our Red color may attract some people, while for others, blue and white are more appealing. A persons preference about colors tells many things about his personality and nature. Our liking towards a particular color changes with our age, mood and circumstances.
We have collected some interesting information about color's for our users.
History of Colors Color Characterstics & Effects
Your True Color Healing Through Colors