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Visible light and color undoubtedly influence and affect living things - Plants and animals. Each and every species in the plant kingdom is dependent on visible light and is inhibited by infrared and ultraviolet energy. Colors bring about physiological and psychological effects in animals and human beings.

Various studies had been carried out in west to study the effects of colors. In one such study, Doctor Gerard noticed that red vibrations increased blood pressure and elevated palmar conductance, while blue colored vibrations decreased blood pressure. According to Doctor Gerard and many other color therapists different color have different characterstics and their effect on humans is also different. The following are additional physiologic responses to color supported by scientific data.
Characterstics of Red Color Characterstics of Orange Color Characterstics of Color Yellow
In presence of Red Color
1. The blood Pressure Elevates.
2. Pulse rate Increases
3. Breathing rate becomes rapid
4. The taste buds become more sensitive
5. The Appetite Improves
6. The sense of smell heightens
7. Males become attracted to yellow - based reds while females become attracted to blue - based reds.
The physiologic effects of Orange Color are:
1. The appestat elevates and the appetite increases.
2. Relaxation is induced and potential for sleep increases.
3. The rate of blood flow slows down.
4. A sense of calmness and security develops when orange is combined with blue.
1. Yellow is the first color a person distinguishes when he sees something.
2. Humans have an inherent precautionary reaction to yellow in nature, especially when it is combined with black.
3. Yellow adds to stress by preparing a person for fight.
4. Yellow painted rooms cause children to cry more often.
5. Yellow surrounding cause allergies to flare more frequently.
Characterstics of Color Blue Characterstics of Color Blue Characterstics of Color Blue
Known to produce a calming effect, Color blue also:
1. Slow the pulse rate
2. Deepen breathing
3. Reduce perspiration
4. Lower body temperature
5. Lessen sweating
6. Reduce appetite
1. Allergic reactions to foods are reduced
2. Hypersensitivity to food additives is reduced
3. Distress from eczema, diarrhea, and gastrointestinal disorders is lessened in severity and length
4. Vision chemicals that improve acuteness of sight are produced.
The presence of brown helps:
1. Dispel mental depression
2. Promote the synthesis of serotonin
3. Eliminate Chronic fatigue
4.Reduce irritability
5. Increase tryptophan amino acid levels that influence sleep migraine headaches, immunity and moods
Alexander G. Schauss, Director of the American Institute for Biosocial Research in Tacoma, Washington, studied that, a person can't become aggressive or angry in the presence of pink. The heart muscles cannot race that fast. It's a tranquilizing color that seems to sap your energy. Even the colorblind are tranquilized by pink rooms.