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Color is the most noticeable and most important component of mankind's history. Colors were attached with joy, war, medicine, health and with everything else. Flags were used by every civilization, to show its supremacy. Some colors were seen with hatred like throughout the history black is used to demonstrate evil and even today, some Indian cultures restrict wearing black. On the other hand white is attached with purity and simplicity. A popular saying is that people who hold strong opinions see things in black and white, while people who are liberal-minded think more in terms of grey.

Color was first used by primitive man to mark his cave walls to claim his dwellin. The next practical use was for rituals and as makeup. Color was also used to mark trees and rocks (signs in the forest) and then in clothing and furnishings. Colors were extracted from flowers, fruits and other natural sources.
Color Red was associated with blood and thus with life. Red is also symbol of love, vigor and action. Even today, Indian women use red color extensively in her daily life to show her love towards partner.
Yellow was sacred color to Chinese and Chinese emperors owned exclusive rights to wear yellow. Yellow color was associated with wisdom, gaiety and warmth. Its a bright color also associated with youth.
Blue is the rarest color in nature and seen a little in natural vegetation. It is the symbol of happiness, hope, truth, honor, repose and distance. Today, it is widely used in clothing.
Green color is most abundant in nature and used by ancient civilizations. Green color was banned by the early Christians and is most sacred color for Muslims. Green is a soothing color, denoting life, spring hope and also envy.
Brown Color was assigned to peasants during the middle ages and is thus associated with humility. It denotes autumn, the harvest, nature and also liked for its richness and depth. The wood used in most traditional furniture is brown.
Purple is an ancient color. Once costly to produce because the dye was so difficult to keep colorfast, it became a symbol of royalty. This color was associated with spirituality, mystry and wisdom.
Earlier civilizations were more aware about colors and used them in medicines also. Colors were thought to have healing properties and color therapy was used extensively.