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From last five decades, Aquolac Paints is producing quality products for our valuable customers. To keep in tune with the latest trends and market, we keep on innovating ideas and products with the help of our R&D department. Aquolac is a trusted name in paints and is known for its premier quality products and its price economy also. Our product range includes various decorative / protective paints, primers, cement paint and water proofing compounds.
Dry Paints Interior & Exterior Paints Filler & Fixers Metalic Concrete Hardners
Super Cem Paint
Dry Distemper
AQUACOAT - Acrylic Exterior Finish
OASIS - Oil Bound Distemper
AQUATEX - Wall Texture
AQUAPLAST - Plastic Emulsion
KAWACH -Exterior Finish
Rapid Set
Acrylic Coating
AQUOLAC - Ultimate Wall Putty
AQUAFILLA - Expansion filler
AQUATILE - Tile Fixer
Floronite Non Metalic Floor Hardner
Concrete Admixtures & Waterproofing Synthetic Enamels & Special Paints Primers & Surfacers Bituminous Paints

Aquolac Damp-Stop
Quick Setting Compound
AQUOLAC Plastisizer
AQUOLAC - Air Entraining Agent
AQUOLAC - Hard Setting Compound
AQUOLAC - Anti Salt Petre
AQUOLAC - Free Cure
AQUOLAC - Anti Fungus Compound
DICCO No. 1 - Water Proofing Compound
Gloss Coat
Aquolac Liquid Water Proofing Plus
Aquolac Repellin WR-003
Aquolac Plasticiser

ROSE - Synthetic Enamel
ROSE - Super Gloss Synthetic

AQUOLITE - Acid & Alkali
Resistant Synthatic Paint

AQUOLAC - Roof Paint Corrugal
AQUARUB - Chlorinated
Rubber Paint

AQUOLITE - Road Marking Paint
AQUOLAC Fire Resistant Paint

AQUOLAC - Aluminium paint
AQUOLAC - Fire Resistant Paint

AQUOLAC - Two Pack Epoxy Paint
AQUOLAC Primer Surface White
AQUOLITE Pink Wood Primer
AQUOLAC Cement Primer
AQUOLAC Red Oxide Metal Primer
AQUOLAC Red Oxide Zinc Chromate
Metal Primer

AQUOLAC Yellow Zinc Chromate
Metal Primer

AQUOLAC - Anti Corrosive Black
Bituminous Paint

AQUOLAC - Blackite Black Japan
AQUOLITE Acid & Alkali Water
& Heat Resisting Bituminous Paint

Cool Home Paints PU Coatings
AQUOLAC - Ecocoat
Thermal Insulation Paint
Heat Insulation Paint
Heat Reflective Coating

Aquolac Acrylic Coating
PU Coating